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Juggernaut XLCheckpoint

portrait photo, (sharp focus:1.15), cute girl, very young face, Slavic features, natural skin, big eyes, small nose, thin lips, light eyebrows, parted mouth, theeth visible

Negative Prompt

(octane render, render, drawing, anime, bad photo, bad photography:1.3), (worst quality, low quality, blurry:1.2), (bad teeth, deformed teeth, deformed lips), (bad anatomy, bad proportions:1.1), (deformed iris, deformed pupils), (deformed eyes, bad eyes), (deformed face, ugly face, bad face), (deformed hands, bad hands, fused fingers), morbid, mutilated, mutation, disfigured, extra limbs, adult face, old, wide nose, asian, black skin, makeup, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, small eyes, smile

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