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A living hologram. Alien Punk/New Wave rock star. She sparkles and glitters as light passes through her. Feminine female, Caucasian. Tall, strong, beautiful, ethereal yet edgy. Medium shoulder-length hair, dark Violet with periwinkle and lilac highlights, swept back on one side and widly spiky and curly, falling over one eye on the other side. Beautiful model face, high cheekbones, silver/grey eyes with plenty mascara and eyeliner, different shades of shimmering eyeshadow on each eye. Crystal spear earrings in each ear. Shimmering violet lipstick. Metallic dark blue long sleeved shirt, form fitting with zippers extending from shoulders. Shiny black shoulder pads, black leather bracers on arms. Black studded leather belt around her waist, glowing Violet circle as the belt buckle. Metalluc dark blue miniskirt, black fishnet stockings. Stilleto knee-high boots, metallic dark blue. She carries and plays a synth-guitar, you can see the sound waves from it and her voice. Full body pose.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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