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feminine female, Caucasian woman. Tarot Card reader, Irish Gypsy, psychic. Model. Tall, strong, fit, lithe, slender but shapely. Sensuous. Long black layered hair, side parted with loose curls cascading over one eye, with one long red streak on that side. Thin gold circlet band around her forehead. Pretty face with {{mint green eyes}} and long lashes, giving that knowing look. Glossy ruby lips. Delicate gold necklace with Celtic amulet around her slender neck, small golden hoop earrings in her ears. Black spandex crop top with scooped out neck and long sleeves, a hot pink mini-vest over top of it. Gold bangle bracelets on her wrists. Black leather designer belt with a golden ring buckle around her waist. Form fitting and higher on one side knee length skirt, hot pink and slit down one side. Black fishnet stockings on her shapely legs. High heeled black stiletto shoes, with straps around her ankles. Full body pose, Tarot cards flying through the air, signifying her psychic powers.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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